Sunny Brae Farm Cottage

2 Bedroom Oceanfront Cottage

Property Details

Maximum Guests: 4

Children Welcome – Must be Supervised

No Pets

No Smoking


1 Bedroom downstairs with queen bed

1 loft bedroom with comfy double futon

1 Bathroom



Wood Stove

Full Kitchen




Cell Reception

No Telephone

Big Screen TV / DVD Player (No Satellite)



Path to Sandy Beach

Organic Farm



Excellent swimming beach

Walking distance to Hollyhock

Easy ocean access for kayaking

Friendly family dog

Part of pioneer John Manson’s farm. Join us on this award winning heritage farm. Wake up in the morning to the most stunning views of the Coast Mountains and Desolation Sound. The rooster will let you know when the day starts! Sunny Brae Farm Cottage offers a unique and enriching experience for those who gather inspiration from nature. Boasting fabulous ocean views, easy access to a sandy beach with exquisite swimming water, a small-scale but productively impressive heritage farm, friendly farm animals (children will love the tame chickens and super-cute sheep!), kayaking from the back door, and access to peaceful forests and fields, you won’t have to go far to find your adventure or relax into your holiday. Mike and Donna will ensure you have access to everything you need to take full advantage of the remarkable environment that surrounds the cabin. Majestic mountain peaks, gentle lapping waves, eagles soaring overhead, and plenty of space to think and dream (not making this stuff up!): find it year round at this cottage by the sea.

Enjoy your breakfast while being serenaded by Mother Nature and all her birds. It is not hard to hear 10 different birds. Walk through an apple orchard planted 105 years ago or enjoy a stroll through a fabulous forest. Wander through the organic blueberry patch and see a harvest in progress. Let the chickens entertain you with their endless curiosity or watch our flock of Dorper sheep as they graze on lush pastures. In the afternoon you can swim and explore on one of the best sandy beaches on Cortes Island right here at your doorstep.

This unspoilt piece of paradise has been in the Manson family for 125 years, being farmed for over 106 years. Today Sunny Brae Farm is 14 acres and is farmed by third generation Mike Manson and his wife Donna. You will see Mike and Donna doing what they love best … farming the land and sharing their experiences. Sunny Brae is next door to Hollyhock, the world renown learning centre.

A Summer Day on the Farm, by Mike Manson

Sometime around 5:30am Henry the rooster starts crowing to announce the start of a new day. Often the eagles will beat Henry to the morning call, starting their squeals at the faintest hint of light. Any thought of sleeping-in becomes doubtful when the oystercatchers start up with their cacophony of calls. Fortunately all these early birds soon fall quiet. The coffee is on and morning greetings are exchanged with our house guests as we look out at the ocean and marvel at the beauty of our surroundings. Time to feed the chickens and let them out of their pen, free to wander through the orchard looking for the bugs that they enjoy so much. Back to the house and up the hill with Keeper our dog to feed the sheep. The sheep hear us before I can open the pasture gate, greeting us with loud bleats from their pen. Always happy to see me knowing they will be treated with grain, they quickly settle into their day. They are friendly and enjoy human company. But remember to watch your feet! Though neat and tidy, this is still a farm after all. Breakfast time and a review of berry orders to be filled for the day and a review of who is coming to pick for us. 8:30 and Donna is off to the berry shed to start preparing orders and greet the first of the hired berry pickers as they arrive by bike and car. I am off to do some chores around the garden as I wait for the pickers. Mixed among the hired help are our long time friends. These faithful have been camping with us for years and supply much needed help with the harvest. Some more morning greetings and then off to the patch. It is 10:00 and already warm. The berry patch is busy with the pickers. Stories are shared and once in awhile song breaks out from the younger crowd as everyone seems caught up in the magic of the patch. The first of the berry buckets are on their way up the hill to Donna for weighing and sorting. By noon only the most dedicated pickers are left as they work to make their target for the day. It is too warm and muggy, and most pickers have left already. Customers and pickers have come and gone. It feels like a full day already but our stomaches tell us we are late for lunch, it is after 1 pm. A relaxing lunch and the beach looks inviting. Our friends are already headed to the beach. Not so lucky for us as there is always something to be done. It could be the Cascade, Boysen or Logan berries need picking. The garden needs weeding and the peas, beans and lettuce have to be picked. The fruit trees need mulching with the old sheep bedding and if a summer storm blows up, the beach could be rich with seaweed, and this can’t be left to waste, so more work on the horizon. The cherries could be ready, so time to get the canner out. The chickens come running as they spy the bucket of kitchen scraps. The tide is now getting high. The water is warm after its long slow return over the hot rocks heated by the August sun. Five o’clock and a perfect swimming tide! Time to head to the beach and hear about everyone’s adventures for the day. The barbecue is on and it is beginning to feel like a long day. Some of our campers come down for an evening visit. More stories are shared over a glass of wine. Can’t forget to put the chickens and sheep to bed! It is 10pm and the full moon has just risen over Baker Passage. Everyone is awed. Time for bed, another great day on the farm. We hope our cottage guests feel the same!

Rental Rates

Shoulder Season

September 15 – June 14

$1,150 / Week

Summer Season

June 15 – September 14

$1,495 / Week

All rates are based on 4 guests. Maximum of 4 guests. Advertised rates are subject to change without notice. Processing Fee and PST will be applied.

Availability Calendar

Please note : Sunny Brae Farm Cottage will not be available in 2018. 


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“Astounding views, gracious hosts, swimming on the sandy beach, a beautifully prepared cottage, including “local ” eggs and Kona coffee, and a new-born lamb all contributed to making for a delightful visit to Sunny Brae.” Murray

May, 2014

“For a reading week, a writing retreat, respite from the city, or just an opportunity to soak in the beauty and hospitality of Cortes Island, Sunny Brae is perfect! What a lovely spot to reconnect with everything that matters—friends, family, and the gorgeous natural beauty of the west coast.” Mike R.

July, 2015

“Beautiful and relaxing holiday! Donna and Mike were perfect hosts, welcomng and helpful. The cottage is perfectly set up, with amazing views. We’d highly recommend Sunny Brae Farm Cottage. Also a very easy place to stay if you want to kayak, with good ocean access.” M.G.

July, 2014

“Sunny Brae Farm was a wonderful place to spend our vacation. The cablin was perfect for us, clean and had everything we needed. Mike and Donna were caring approachable and very friendly.”


Sept, 2016

“The cottage was just perfect with the best view on the island. My favourite time was sitting on the deck drinking my tea every morning watching the spectacular sunrises, listening to the birds, chickens and the rooster. We loved the beach walks at low tide, sailing, hiking in the forests, Smelt Beach sunsets, regular visits by the family of deer and a very comfortable bed at night. We will definitely be back to Cortes Island.” P.G.

September, 2014